UK exclusive Halo 5 Guardians Limited Collector’s Pink Mist Edition

Posted on August 4, 2015 by Gregory Dawes

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Halo 5 Guardians Limited Collector's Pink Mist Edition - Only At Xbox One Cover Art

A new listing has popped up on for a Halo 5 Guardians LCE bundle including a replica Needler gun prop. It includes

The Needler Gun Features:

  • LED lights
  • In Game Sound
  • Over 14 different needlers mechanically pop up and down in sequence when trigger is pressed – just like in game.
  • Massive size – real life 1:1 model created from the original digital files used in game
  • Limited Edition
  • About 29” across and over 10” tall

It is going for £449.99 and is available for preorder now.

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