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UK sales increase for Call of Duty Black Ops after being announced for Backwards Compatibility.

As we all know Call of Duty: Black Ops has been released for Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility. Well the player count it self has risen to 80k+ thanks to this great move and not only that, the sales have gone up very high on Amazon especially in the UK. I don’t know the exact number it was ranked but its now ranked at number 2 behind Uncharted 4. Not only is it in the 2nd spot it is also beating DOOM which was only released 4 days ago.
Call of Duty Black Ops sales have increased a lot in the United States as well but it isn’t ranked as high as it is in the United Kingdom. I can only expect the numbers to grow even higher as time moves on. The wait for this to happen might have taken longer but it was a smart move by the Xbox team. Now lets think about how Red Dead Redemption will do once it hits Backwards Compatibility.
You can see the UK rankings here
Here is proof that the online numbers have gone up:

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