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Rumor: Universal Orlando is getting Zelda, Luigi’s Mansion, & Pokémon Attractions

Posted on January 13, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Universal Orlando is rumored to be adding a few new attractions that fans of Nintendo might enjoy including The Legend of Zelda, Luigi’s Mansion, and Pokémon-themed areas of the park. While Super Nintendo World has not come to Orlando, Florida yet, it seems Universal wants to replace some of its current attractions.

It is reported the Pokémon area would replace The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man in Japan and as for Florida, the area would replace The Simpsons Ride. The Pokémon ride would have elements of Augmented Reality which we’ve seen before at other parks like Super Nintendo World in Japan where they use it for Mario Kart.

The other rumored attraction is for The Legend of Zelda for Islands for Adventure. It was been talked about that The Legend of Zelda Land would feature an indoor boat ride concept and a reimagined Deku Tree-themed restaurant. The opening date for the Zelda-themed attraction wouldn’t be until 2027.

Luigi’s Mansion would be a mini-land within the Super Nintendo World. It would go between Super Nintendo World and Dark Universe lands. The ride proposed for the Luigi’s Mansion attraction would have an immersive experience where you go through haunted mansion rooms with an interactive shooter.

We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo has coming for Florida’s version of Super Nintendo World, but it seems like they are going to have lots of attractions when it does come around. This year Super Nintendo World in Japan will be receiving a Donkey Kong Expansion that will bring a new ride.

Source: GoNintendo

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