Upcoming Yakuza Installment Could Be Arriving As Soon As This Fall

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Just about a week ago, Rya Ga Gotoku Studio announced that the next major installment for their Yakuza franchise will be showcased in August later next month. Now according to Sega’s Q2 quarter financial report, the expected timeframe for the unannounced to release could be arriving this coming September.

This new information came into public eye from @DomsPlaying on Twitter where he posted the image which details that the upcoming “Rya Ga Gotoku Seires Installment” is aimed to launch sometime in Q3 for this year.

However, though it is plausible that the game could be here “as soon as September,” that does not fully confirm that the game will be dropping the following month of its announcement. With the report listing the title aimed sometime for the last quarter leading into 2020, there isn’t any remote date that was presented for game. Meaning that is the game is to release in Q319, that could be as late as December as well. The financial analyst also suggests in a thread following the image that the listing could apply outside of Japan as well since the report does not specify which region the title will be releasing in Q3 for.

The report also sheds light on the Sega Mega Drive Mini which will be releasing on October 4th later this year. Previously, Sega decided to delay the miniature console as the company wanted to focus on software that will be supported for the hardware as well as the structure of the console for a better overall experience for the consumer.

What are your thoughts on the next Yakuza title possibly launching just weeks following the title’s official reveal?

Tune in on August 29th for the announcement for the upcoming Yakuza installment.

Source: Sega


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