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US Amazon Sales Tracks PlayStation VR 2 Well Behind Meta Quest This Holiday

Posted on December 24, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Previously this past winter, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially launched the PlayStation VR 2. While the original headset set a new precedent for the console space, the second iteration peripheral for PlayStation comes in a new space following the arrival of the then-named Oculus Quest 2. Priced at $300 – the same as a Nintendo Switch – the access to virtual reality swelled for consumers. And this certainly continues with the Meta Quest 3 also available too.

What many were anticipating the PlayStation VR 2 to offer is its support for third-party titles. AAA games then with the first headset did support select titles. But prior reports told that the PlayStation firm would be doubling-down on this effort for the new headset. But, there was suspicion that the new VR device would underperform as internal projections lowered. While production did not stagnate ahead of release, the device almost a year later is in a shocking position.

As of this month via a report from XR Fun, a Chinese VR/AR-centered website, Amazon tracks the PlayStation VR 2 to be well behind both the Meta Quest 2 & Meta Quest 3. As if December 12th, PlayStation VR 2 sold only 5,000 units. While Meta Quest 2 combines a total of 130,000 roughly and the Meta Quest 3 is projected at 70,000.

Originally, the PlayStation VR 2 release started off strong with sales tracking ahead of its PlayStation 4 predecessor. With over two dozen titles primed to release on the device, many were expecting extended support on the system. And this momentum did carry forward even more recently with Resident Evil 4 Remake getting its free update alongside InnerSloth canceling its original PlayStation VR Among Us port for the newer headset as well.

One issue with the PlayStation VR 2 is the price. Asking for consumers to pay $550 on top of already purchasing a $500 console does not give the image of a great deal. And even the Meta Quest 3 with a asking price over $600 with its 500 GB still outperforms the PlayStation VR 2 by ten-fold. One major complaint to add to the list is the lack of legacy support for PlayStation VR titles as well which has not been addressed since its release. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you own a PlayStation VR 2? Does this surprise you?

Source: XR Fun

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