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V1 Interactive Announces Technical Beta For Disintegration Arriving Next Week

This past August we finally witnessed V1 Interactive’s Disintegration, an sci-fi first-person shooter following in the shoes of Romer Shoal as he rebels against the militaristic group of “integrated” humans called the Royonne. Although he as well has integrated his brain into a robot husk, his mentality does not align with the totalitarian group.

Despite the core element of the title determines to be a solely first-person shooter experience, Creative Director Marcus Lehto tells that the player will have to strategize how they play balancing between their gravcycle and crew you will direct in combat. Not to mention the full on multiplayer aspect of the game that will be included with the game, Disintegrated is shaping to be a promising title for this year.

In a recent announcement, V1 Interactive announces that a Technical beta for the game will be going live next week on January 28 this coming Tuesday. Available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, you can apply for the beta by heading here.

Digging through the FAQ for the approaching Technical beta, the team explains what exactly will be included in the timed playtest. For starters, V1 Interactive explains that despite this being for the multiplayer segment of the game, there will be a single player tutorial in the beta. Another detail shared is that the beta will unfortunately not support cross-platform play. However, from the wording of the statement you could assume that this could only be limited to the beta, but no there is no further detail to support cross-play for the full product.

Additionally, the developer confirms that players will have the opportunity to record their experience and even livestream the beta as well. Discussing the game potentially going free-to-play, V1 Interactive debunks this claim to confirm that Disintegration will launch with a $49.99 price tag. Microtransactions even gets thrown around: the team shares that there is no loot boxes planned for the beta, but clarifies that cosmetic microtransactions will be available with the full game.

Do you plan on trying out the Technical beta next week for Disintegration?

Disintegration is listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC to arrive sometime in 2020.

Source: V1 Interactive

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