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Valorant looks to be coming to consoles based on recent job listing

Posted on November 26, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Popular first-person shooter, Valorant from Riot Games could be coming to consoles soon. Those consoles being Xbox and PlayStation. This news comes up from a job listing posted by Riot looking for console designers.

There were multiple listings published on Hitmarkers, but this one stood out the most. This practically confirms that Valorant will be coming to Xbox Series XlS and PlayStation 5 even though it was been rumored before that the game would be coming to consoles.

Part of the posted job description for Game Design Manager, Console does the complete opposite of being secretive:

“There are millions of players excited to play VALORANT if only it was available on their platform of choice. As a Game Design Manager for Console, you will help set a vision and guide designers on bringing VALORANT to new platforms.”

Now that we know Valorant will be coming to consoles in the future the only question is when? We can probably predict that it wouldn’t be able to launch on the Nintendo Switch, but would it dare to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?


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