Vertigo – Destiny: The Taken King’s New PvP Map

Posted on August 21, 2015 by Mordor

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Have you ever wondered what Bungie designers look for in a multiplayer map design? In a Game Informer interview with Bungie’s senior multiplayer designerAndrew Weldon, and Crucible level artist Adam Williams, they take a close look at The Taken King’s new Mercury PvP map, Vertigo.


Amidst the multiple Vex structures, you will find Cabal fixtures…but no cabal. You can see their abandoned war ships in the skybox as well. This map was given a symmetrical layout, and is designed to make it difficult for the player to determine which side of the map they are actually on. Designers had to come up with ways in which to break the map up, focusing heavily on the direct sunlight on one side, and the darkness of the cabal on the other.

If you are on the Alpha Team spawn, you’ll find multiple lanes laid out in front of you; the middle is highlighted by a laser, to the left is a corridor to the A flag, and if you head to the right side, you’ll notice the teleporter.

The teleporter is meant to be a power position. You’ll notice that the jump makes you a bit uncomfortable, but that was Weldon and Williams’ goal. You didn’t expect the power position to be easily accessible, did you? From the teleporter, you can actually overlook both A and C points. Keep in mind though, that as a single person holding A or C and watching the teleporter, you will have a hard time keeping an eye on both points, and can be flanked easily.

On A, you’ll find a decent amount of cover, with a couple of entrances to the ground and stairs. C flag is another cabal structure, that was attached to the vex architecture. This point is parallel to A, and can access the Bravo spawn via a side jump, and another cabal platform. Points A and C cannot see each other, but through the central tunnel, you are able to get from one to the other as well as the teleporter. Figure eight type tunnels were placed between points A and C, and provide multiple ways that players can flank, and fake out their enemies. Players are given multiple choices to choose from, to get themselves from one side of the map to the other. You are able to get a quick read of each direction you are faced with, and quickly choose which way to move forward with.

Whether it be long snipe lanes, or close contact shot gun areas, the goal of Andrew Weldon and Adam Williams is to create each map, so that there is something for everyone.


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