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VLC Media Player coming to Xbox One

Posted on June 2, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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VLC, the open-source cross-platform multimedia player, is a popular tool for computer users. However it has been revealed that Xbox users could soon be becoming users of it also.
In a recent announcement it was revealed that VLC is being developed as a Universal Windows Platform App, which will led to it being available on several devices such as the HoloLens and the Xbox One. The app will release on the Windows 10 phone first with a public beta. It will then slowly transition to Windows 10 desktops and once UWP apps are available on the Xbox, which should be later this summer, the Xbox.
These upcoming versions will initially be rather limited with what features they have and what they can achieve, however with weekly updates it shan’t be long before changes such as an updated User Interfaces are implemented.

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