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Volition Finally Recovers PC Source Code For Saints Row 2, Promises To Resolve Current Issues

Nostalgic fans of the Saints Row franchise tend to reflect on some of their fonder memories with the series from the second installment, Saints Row 2. While many still to this day do pledge that the best came before the series abandoned the gang banging roots for Saints Row, plenty of fans did not fully experience the title following the base project.

While users on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 did indulge in the two downloadable content expansions for the game, Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare, those on the PC spectrum of the game were left in the dark as developer Volition unexpectedly lost the source code for the PC version as it was handed to Porting House, a subsidiary studio of CD Projekt Red.

The version for keyboard and mouse owners did receive the game in the following year in 2009 and for a decade now have still yet to receive either of the two added story content for Saints Row 2. Fast forwarding ten years to this week, Volition shared in the team’s latest livestream to have finally recovered the source code for the 10 year-old game.

Upon this recent finding, Senior Community developer Mike Watson shares that the team’s focus is pointed towards “performance; stability, fixing a lot of the crashing and issues; integrating Steam networking, so co-op will work again and multiplayer; and then also adding the DLC, which was console-only and now we’re putting the DLC for PC as well.”

Noting that the team is currently in development for the fifth installment of the Saints Row franchise, Volition will not have this project as a main priority for the coming future. Rather, the studio did clarify that this will be put in the hands of Mike Watson and Thomas Jepp: the two are reputable modders of the original game. Pointing towards when fans on PC will finally see some order for the title is left unknown following the announcement.

Saints Row 2 is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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