VR Headset Support Comes To Microsoft Flight Simulator For Free In Late December

Posted on November 30, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Only releasing uniquely for PC, for now, Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator grabbed the masses with its beauty and scale encapturing the proportions of planet Earth alongside the landmarks that define different regions across the world. Now, this led the game for its nomination for Best Simulator for 2020’s The Game Awards. However, there is still plenty missing from the equation.

Among what many are excited to see come next, virtual reality headset support is current priority for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The French game studio recently launched the closed beta for VR for the simulator, but now, the feature is set to launch later in December. Even more, the compatible update will unlock this for free on all major headsets available.

In a recent Q&A Developer Livestream the development team held on November 25, it is shared the feature will be shipped in an approaching client update releasing in the latter segment of December.

It will be open to all devices. […] It will also be open to all devices, including the Oculus family, Valve family, really every family of headset are going to be supported there.

Martial Bossard, Asobo Studio Executive Producer

Noted, support for virtual reality has already been confirmed for Windows Mixed Reality, so to learn the same will hit other platforms is exciting. Especially Oculus, the only question remains if that will extend to just the Rift or if either iteration of Quest headsets will also receive dedicated support. Of course, PlayStation VR being a console-bounded peripheral is out of the question.

Additionally, it is said the next World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release sometime in January: this time focusing on the United Kingdom and surrounding territory. Last week, Asobo Studio launched World Update II which incorporated major components and landmarks that make up the United States. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you thinking about playing Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now for PC.

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