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Walmart will begin removing physical Xbox games starting with Starfield

Posted on January 19, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Over the last few months, it was reported that Walmart would begin removing physical Xbox games from its store and downsizing its video game section. It looks like that vision is coming to life as a memo was sent to Walmart stores that they will start to remove physical Xbox games in store starting with Starfield copies.

The copies of Starfield will be listed as $0.03 cents as soon as January 22 to prepare for it to be destroyed. It seems that stores will have until February 5, 2024, to get rid of the Starfield copies. This is obviously Microsoft’s decision and the retailer is just following instructions.

It looks like this is just the start of removing physical copies of Xbox Series X and Xbox One games from store shelves. We expect more games to follow this trend in the coming months as well. Upcoming Xbox console exclusive, Hellblade II will be a digital-only release meaning there will be no physical release for the game.

Walmart isn’t the only one taking physical media off its shelves, Best Buy has already started removing physical games from its stores as of the new year.

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