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Warner Bros. Interactive Shutting Down Westworld Mobile

Mid-last year Bethesda filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the likeness between both their Fallout Shelter and Behaviour Interactive’s Westworld Mobile. Since the initiated dispute, the lawsuit took place until the start of 2019 where the two parties met with a resolution and ended the lawsuit.

Now more recently the title based on the HBO hit show have been announced to be removed from both Google Play and the App Store with a full shutdown of the game’s servers later this coming April.

Coming as a surprise seeing not too long ago that the mobile title just escaped a lawsuit to later witness Westworld Mobile be removed. If anything, on top of the agreement made between both WB. Interactive Entertainment and Bethesda, the game’s shutdown could have been included in the deal.

Players of the game, make sure to mark your calendars for April 16th, especially if you have in-game currency since the digital money will be obsolete once the game’s full shutdown is initiated.


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