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Warner Bros. Releases POKEMON: Detective Pikachu Trailer

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Sergio

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No, this is not a joke, you’ve read this correctly: Warner Bros. is releasing a new Nintendo movie called POKEMON: Detective Pikachu.

The biggest twist is Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Pikachu. That’s right Deadpool himself is voicing the cute lightning fur ball everyone knows.

This new trailer features a jaded Pokemon trainer Tim Goodman (Justice Smith, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom and The Get Down) who discovers that he can actually hear what the Pokemon say as opposed to just saying their respective names. Pikachu (Reynolds in his usual mannerisms) tells the trainer to put down the stapler (Goodman “arms” himself with it) or he will “electrocute” him. Shocked (no pun intended), Goodman says “Did you just talk?”, then Pikachu unironically responds “Did you just talk to me? You can understand me! I’ve been so lonely!” Needless to say, the stunned trainer tries to make sense out of this when he tells ongoing pedestrians if they can understand Pokemon. All they can hear is “Pika Pi!” or the names of the respective Pokemon, but only Goodman can “hear” them talk.

This movie has the making of a buddy cop movie when Pikachu offers to help Goodman find his father who has disappeared. Ken Wantanabe, in the beginning of the trailer, says Tim can be a good Pokemon Master just like his father was. Predictably, Tim is skeptical. But with his new ability to “understand” Pokemon, he might have a chance to both find his father and be a Pokemon Master.

In the final scene of the trailer, Pikachu tries to interrogate Mime by “trying to make him talk or mime”. Mime does his, well, mime impressions to Pikachu (Reynolds responding as his sassy self) with Goodman saying “He’s saying you can shove it”. Mime signals that he is correct with Pikachu saying to Goodman “Ok, we’re switching roles. I’m bad cop. You’re good cop”. Pikachu then charges at Mime, but hits Mime’s “invisible wall”, which Pikachu says “In my head, I saw that differently”.

The movie features other Pokemon such as Jigglypuff, Charizard, and Psyduck to name a few. These are all CGI characters, but they blend in effectively with the live-action.

Could this be the movie that would continue to have recent good video-game based movies (Ready Player One, Wreck-It Ralph, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) or will it regress as it has in times past (Super Mario Bros., the live action versions of Street Fighter and Resident Evil, Double Dragon)?

POKEMON: Detective Pikachu will answer that in 2019



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