Was Call of Duty’s Beta Good?

Posted on September 6, 2015 by Drae

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It happened.  First, Playstation players were infected. Then the contagion came to PC and Xbox players who preordered the latest Black Ops.

Players logged in and started blasting each other apart (generally with the same specialists and weapons) and started their early grind to unlock everything available.

The beta had issues, and I’ll say this now–it’s a beta people, it’s supposed to have issues. It’s a big ol’ test. It’s not early gameplay, you are helping Treyarch develop their game. However, having played a vast multitude of betas myself spanning from SWTOR to Halo Reach to various unmentionables, as compared to those–this beta was harsh. In any beta I’ve played the only bugs were based on worlds and connectivity–never having your game crash 30 seconds into loading it or into a match. Networking issues? Ya, sometimes it’s a pain to party up with your friends in a beta. In Black Ops  I tried for several hours straight without succeeding.

So, that’s mainly the bad things about the beta in a nutshell. NOTE: These are what I experienced and do not show what others did, some people had a perfect time with their game and I understand that.

What was good about it?

Ever since Ghosts, Call of Duty has felt, well, not like Call of Duty. Ghosts and AW just didn’t feel right, even though I thoroughly enjoyed them. And even though this game has added swimming elements, wall running, and thruster packs, it feels like a Call of Duty. It feels right. Don’t ask me how, but I could swear the game played just like Black Ops 2, which was the last true Call of Duty game in the franchise (based on popular belief).

Introducing the paintshop to the beta was also enjoyable. I made a series of good looking guns that I was proud to create:

Per example, I called this one “Couplet”

and I spent alot of hours making various badass and silly designs.


So, enough mumbo-jumbo.

Was the beta “good”?

In my honest opinions, yes. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Gameplay, new features, and customization made it feel good. And it was a piss off to have to ‘quit’ the game and relaunch it, but I didn’t care because the gameplay felt rewarding enough.

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