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Watch Out For These Booths At PAX East 2019

PAX East is around the corner and just like at every event there will be contests and giveaways to look out for. We aren’t talking about the papers, pens, or the cheap masks you’ll get randomly while walking the show floor. There will be multiple companies that will be holding raffles with prizes that will help you with your PC build, free games, exclusive pins, and a bunch more. So we took our time and did our research and talked to a couple of the companies that will be hosting quality contests & giveaways.


AORUS, a premium gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE had revealed their plans for PAX East 2019 which includes esports related contests and some giveaways as well. The booth will have VR Racing simulations, esports game challenges, and non-stop stage events. Some of the hottest AORUS products will be there such as the first ever tactical gaming monitor, AORUS AD27QD featuring 144Hz refresh rate. For hardware enthusiasts, be on the lookout for the recently released AORUS 15 gaming laptop powered by the revolutionary RTX 2070 platform at the AORUS gaming corner.

The esport related game challenges will feature PUBG and CS: GO where you’ll be able to take home some sweet prizes and there will be a ‘Beat the Pro’ PUBG challenge. There wasn’t any specific details released on what exactly will be given away if you win a competition or raffle. This booth won’t be hard to find as it’ll be one of the bigger ones there at the event. There will be something going on every day and all day at the AORUS booth.


Our good friends at Cooler Master will be at PAX East once again and we talked with the company about what they’ll have. Every day at 4 PM EST there will be at raffle drawn at their booth #19103 and we can assume you’ll be able to win keyboards, mice and possibly their new headset that we reviewed not too long ago. If you have been planning on buying a product from Cooler Master they usually have some of their products for sale with a discounted price exclusively for PAX attendees.

If you are a big PC fan and are looking to build a new one this is another to keep an eye out for.


Now, you might walk by some unfamiliar booths at the event, but don’t be too shy or underrate some of these companies with their games. Blowfish Studios will be at the event and will be giving away a console of your choice from an Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 Slim to a Nintendo Switch and if you really wanted one, a Nintendo 2DS /3DS. All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to subscribe to their newsletter. The first place winner will be able to pick the console and here are the other prizes for the ones that come in the top 3:

Second Place: Pick either a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS.

Third Place: This winner will receive a $50 gift card.

Anyone who shows up to the booth will receive a pin that represents one of their games as long as you subscribe to their newsletter. Here is what the pin looks like:

Blowfish Studios will have four games playable including Obey Me & War Tech Fighters.

We reached out to Mixer / Xbox to see what games they’ll have playable at the event, but they were unable to comment. Usually when Microsoft goes to PAX they’ll have exclusive pins if you play some of their games and the Mixer booth usually has some type of competition. PAX East and West 2018 had Fortnite tournaments, but this year might be a little different.

Here are booths that we suggest heading to if you are interested in quality giveaways or just want to play really good games and have a fun time.

  • PlayStation – They will have 27 different games playable on over 80 game stations and there will be a PlayStation Gear Store.
  • Astro Gaming  – Almost every event Astro goes to they’ll have giveaways or some type of raffle. Also, if you are looking for a new headset on sale find a time to check their booth.
  • Nintendo – This year Nintendo will have a lot of great games playable including Cuphead and Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered.
  • The Behemoth – We suggest these guys because Castle Crashers Remastered will be playable on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.
  • Meta Threads – Not just because they are our official jersey sponsor, but if you are looking for a quality backpack for traveling or just new shirts and jerseys to wear. Check them out.
  • KontrolFreek – It doesn’t hurt to upgrade your thumb-sticks and get new grips.
  • tinyBuild – These great folks always show off great indie games so if you have some free time try to put these guys on your list.



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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at [email protected]

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Tyler Nienburg

Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at [email protected]