Watch_Dogs 2's PC launch will be delayed to November 29th

Posted on October 18, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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After today the PC community may not be the happiest, but the wait will be worth it. Today Ubisoft announced that the Watch_Dogs 2 PC release date will be delayed to November 29th as consoles will still get the game on the 15th of November.

“Our team is committed to quality and delivering the best Watch_Dogs experience possible. Therefore, we have made the tough but necessary decision to move the launch date for the PC version of Watch_Dogs 2 to November 29th. With this extra time, we’ll be able to ensure that Watch Dogs 2 runs smoothly across a broad range of hardware, as well as add that extra polish to those features which matter the most to our community.”

Watch_Dogs 2 on PC will include full 4K support with Ultra Textures and Extra Details options, and uncapped FPS, along with a host of other features and options requested by the community.
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