What are the top 10 games from 2020?

Posted on January 22, 2021 by Guest Post

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In these times of coronavirus pandemic, when we are all forced to shut in our homes and where our normal routine life has come to a halt, we mustn’t let these conditions get into our heads. We indeed need to follow all the guidelines and we cannot go out to visit our friends, we can not go to movies, concerts, restaurants, etc. However, as we all are in our homes, we must look for ways to distract ourselves so that we don’t get depressed in this situation. What better way to refresh the mind than playing games?

Below is a list of the top 10 games from 2020 that you can play to keep yourself refreshed in these times.

Jacks or Better

This game is perfect for Video Poker beginners, all you have to do in this game to win is get a pair of Jacks in your hand or better. The game is known for having low variance and above-average pay-outs.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

In the game’s preface, Ori and a large group of other delightful characters receive and raise an infant owl. In any case, misfortune strikes when Ori and the child fowl are isolated. The player at that point crosses a perfectly delivered scene and addresses a progression of mischievous little riddles in a tragic reunification mission.

Paradise killer

This game is a welcome attack of strut and style. Set on an escape island brimming with undying hot divinities, the open-world homicide secret requests that you institute equity anyway you see fit. Question suspects, assess hints, go over plausible excuses, and perhaps start an indulgence or two — all for the sake of truth. Regardless of whether you leave uncertain of the last decision, the bangin’ city pop and jazz-motivated soundtrack make turning over each rock on the island a real satisfaction.

Among Us

In this game, a few players are allotted to minigame-style fix occupations around the boat, while the “Impostor” sets out to unobtrusively disturb and murder the players. Get on a conference to talk about who may be an Impostor, at that point vote to toss them out. The characters in this game look silly, hand-drawn looks and inspire early web games.

Half-Life: Alyx

Some were anxious about the possibility that Half-Life: Alyx, one of Valve’s first VR games, probably won’t satisfy the hopes. Yet, without a sorry excuse for uncertainty, this is a Half-Life game that does more than Valve gave up in 2007.

It is, similar to its ancestors, a psyche bowing drive around with a material science framework to kick the bucket for. The creative, head-scratching logical riddles. Tense hikes through zombie-pervaded demise pits that ingrain dread in a way that is better than most other virtual reality games.

In other waters

As an AI of strange provenance stuck in the suit of an interstellar wayfarer, you help direct your human accomplice through a verdant outsider sea world. You utilize the guide UI to explore her through one of a kind ecologies as she lists every life form’s specific attributes. You won’t have the option to see any of these outsiders yourself. You must depend on her descriptions, and fortunately, they are beautiful.

Last of Us Part II

This game will amaze, disappoint, and even anger numerous players—however they are provocative dangers. The continuation follows Ellie, full-grown and still invulnerable to the infection that has changed a lot of humankind into zombies, as she battles with the outcomes of an ethically questionable choice made by her dad figure Joel in the main game. The end will sit with you for quite a long time, if not years, to come.



This game just takes about an hour to play, however, it’s an advantageous hour of your life if you like charming evil spirits, young ladies or puzzle games.

The game offers a few difficulties introduced in the style of a basic square pushing puzzle, for certain turns tossed in. You’ll need to gather evil spirit young ladies as you slide through some serious hardship, prevailing upon their souls while additionally tackling the mind shaking puzzles. The riddles themselves aren’t excessively hard, however, they are sufficiently difficult to make you squint and frown.

No man’s sky

The space investigation game is fit as a fiddle and sets a lively scenery for quite possibly the most exciting networks in gaming. Players can fabricate a space base, learn outsider dialects, investigate an unending cluster of staggering universes, maintain a tanker business, function as a broker, get hired soldier occupations, and snap photographs of outsider vistas. No Man’s Sky surrenders the hard study of other space sims and has developed into a remarkable encounter.


Alleged “Rebel like” games, which center around trouble, replayability, and rehashed passings, have been stylish for as far back as a decade, however, Hades denotes the sub-class’ most elevated pinnacle yet. In this fabulous run-based game, players assume the part of Hades’ child Zagreus as he endeavors to get away from the Greek hidden world, engaging eminent saints and getting support from the entire Pantheon

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