When it comes to PvP Destiny can be a little “laggy.”

Posted on August 6, 2015 by Justin

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destiny_pvp_crucible“Lag!” “Red-bar Banner” These are common things heard when playing PvP on Destiny. Bungie stated that PvP is peer-to-peer which means you connect to the person  with the best connection, from there hosting rotates depending on speed of the connection. People from outside the U.S. typically have less than favorable connections. This causes lag in the game. Lag causes people to “rage quit” or “rage post” on Twitter.

What people need to understand is that Destiny is made possible by Activision through Bungie. Bungie designed and created the game, Activision gave them the money to help see it through. Activision is still supporting servers for “CoD: Black Ops 2.” These center-located servers allow for amazing connections to PvP play. Bungie is still supporting Halo servers as well if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, there are a TON of people that play this game, yes a TON of money has been made by these companies. People are asking so many things of Bungie, content, customization, custom matches, etc. This among wanting dedicated servers to play PvP. I agree that we should have dedicated servers based on location and you connect to whatever server gives you the best connection.

Dedicated servers work in a way that if that server gets full you’re then routed to the next available server. The issue with this is that you may live in the Northwest, and connect to a server in Denver. That creates latency, while latency is measured in milliseconds that the difference between killing or being killed in PvP.

Latency and lag are similar but slightly different. Latency works in the terms of data loss, lag is what you see from that data loss. Example would be when you try to pick up an ammo crate and you can’t, then suddenly you get the ammo when not near it. Here is how that breaks down. You run up to the crate and attempt to pick it up, the host server doesn’t get this request because it’s still “in flight” meanwhile you run away, and then the packet for your request shows up. This all appears on screen as lag.

In the end the griping about servers and PvP play in Destiny will not stop until Activision and Bungie decide as one to have dedicated servers. These cost A LOT of money monthly. Activision owns the servers they have as so does Bungie. Until BO2 and Halo die these servers will not used for another game, although I would speculate that in time there will be servers for Destiny.

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