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Why God of War Is One of the Greatest Games Ever Made

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Riley Cashly

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God of War surpasses all expectations when it comes to video games. Almost everything you have heard about Santa Monica Studio’s hit has been confirmed through gameplay. It presents an interesting contrast—the game is harsh but delicate; it is quick but meticulous; thunderous but silent; massive and expansive but personal and centered. Essentially, everything you would expect from a game is found in God of War (if not more), and you can bet on CasinoChan 3 that video games like this are not made easily.

Reasons Why God of War Is Unmatched

First and foremost, God of War is a fantastic action game. Experts will like the countless approaches they might choose to every specific conflict. Novices will enjoy being able to bash on R1 and R2 and rage their way through the game, although in an imprecise manner. Kratos’ Leviathan Axe, which resembles a boomerang, is a masterwork in rewarding weapon design, providing a hefty impact to every battle. Atreus, his inexperienced son, enters the conflict with both colorful comments and helpful elemental arrows.

Not only that, but God of War is also a tremendous game with a lot to do and see. Kratos makes waves in another pantheon in God of War, which is set against the beautiful backdrop of Norse mythology. Exploring the Norse worlds as father and son is a wonderfully fulfilling experience. It is a joy to spend time combating Draugr, assisting Wayward Spirits, and taking in the vibrant world.

The fragile relationship between father and son, however, takes precedence over enormous ogres, cat-lizards, dragons, and jaw-dropping views. Look at God of War’s interesting insight into broken families for the true secret of its brilliance, the reason it gained so many critical plaudits and such intense devotion from fans.

Kratos is not exactly a great role model or even a nice guy. He is, however, attempting to modify his ways and be better. His incompetence as a father—as shown by Christopher Judge in a marvelously nuanced, award-winning performance—is both awkward and poignant. Kratos is afraid of two things: the duty of parenthood and the uncontrolled wrath he sees in his kid, which acts as a reflection of his own suicidal history.

Meanwhile, Atreus would rather be virtually anywhere other than with his loving old father. Kratos’ efforts to control him irritate him, and he despises Kratos’ careful approach to danger. He is bright and vivacious, but he is also impatient and youthful. Despite all obstacles, the unlikely pair’s bond strengthens and matures throughout the span of their amazing journey. They learn from one another and grow together. And they progressively lose the psychological armor they have both built up, layer by layer. They eventually form a complete family towards the end of the game.

The tale of God of War is really deep and personal. This caliber of material is largely unexplored in the entertainment platform, and the craftsmanship here is near-perfect.

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