Wild Hearts brings the heat with Golden Tempest Kimono reveal trailer

Posted on February 7, 2023 by Rectify Gaming

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EA and Koei Tecmo are partnering on their unique spin on the monster-hunting genre with Wild Hearts. Each Kimono represents a force of nature and Japanese mythology, such as Amaterasu or other mythological figures.

Wild Hearts is the next game for EA Originals, a platform for third parties who work with Ea to distribute titles. They have launched several games, such a A Way Out and the critically acclaimed It Takes Two.

Wild Hearts see Koei Tecmo return to its Toukiden series roots, as it was a well-received take on the genre back when it was released on earlier PlayStation consoles and portable systems. Wild Hearts is a next-generation experience, launching February 17 on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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