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Windows Receives New Gaming Update This Week Enhancing HDR Tuning, Controller Bar, And More

Posted on September 21, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Although console is the forefront for all gaming from Microsoft, the firm over the past decade has remained centered on entering more markets with Xbox. Now, users can still remain within the Xbox ecosystem without playing on a marketed machine. Instead, players can indulge through portals like PC or Xbox Cloud Gaming. The latter is Microsoft’s latest effort to grasp a larger audience.

Despite that, the firm has commented xCloud will grow in prominence through more avenues to game, but will not overshadow the foundational console Xbox platform. Additionally, PC also faces new improvements in recent months. With the release of Windows 11 last year, the platform faced an overhaul to how gaming is oriented bringing well-included features like auto-HDR and a reworked Xbox app.

This week, Microsoft reveals a new update is going live this week for PC. On Windows 11, users can now find better optimizations to the HDR feature alongside the Controller bar and Clarity Boost via xCloud.

The Windows 11 2022 update brings with it a number of improvements for graphics and gaming. First, windowed games running DirectX 10 and 11 will receive dramatically improved display latency, Auto HDR, and variable refresh rate (VRR). Previously, these were only available when running games in full screen. Along with this update, we released a new HDR Calibration app, which will enable players to improve the color accuracy and consistency of their HDR displays.

Ashley McKissick, Gaming Experiences & Platforms Corporate Vice President

“Other features rolling out now as part of the 2022 update include enhancements to many existing gaming features, such as Auto HDR support across a broader set of games; additional enhancements to DirectX12 Ultimate; and DirectStorage support across more storage configurations, (including RAID 0).”

McKissick continues, “This updated view of the Xbox Game Bar gives you controller-friendly access to recently played games and game launchers. You can access it by pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox Wireless Controller (or compatible controller) that’s connected to your PC.” Now users can access the Xbox app interface similar to how it is structured on console.

“Other features like the built-in Clarity Boost make gameplay from the cloud look sharper and clearer when playing in Microsoft Edge on Windows. In addition, Efficiency mode improves gaming performance on Windows 10/11 by automatically reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched. The new Gaming homepage helps players discover and engage with their favorite games, and the new Games menu enables one-click access to free casual and arcade games,” the post goes on to explain.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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