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Wolfenstein III Confirmed By Bethesda

Since 2014 with the reboot of id Software’s Wolfenstein franchise, fans have returned and loved the modern adaptation of killing Nazis in the alternate history timeline. Following with the sequel in 2017 that expanded on the gun crazy gameplay and went beyond the boundaries of the original. And now with the announcement of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot being revealed at E3 this June, fans are interested in when developer Machine Games will fit in the third installment to the series.

Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines spoke with Metro, confirming the next title in the series is on its way as BJ’s story isn’t over just yet. When the outlet asked about the unannounced title, Hines responded:

Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III. They said on stage that they’re taking a break from the larger story to do this thing. But we all have to see how that ends.

Usually many publishers would beat around the bush to avoid a question so ambitious like this so soon, but the Vice President was more than happy to be honest with the current state of the third game. With no confirmed date for the standalone featuring BJ’s twin daughters, there’s no need to expect anything on The New Colossus’ sequel for some time.

Continuing on the interview, Hines was asked about his thought on how Dishonored was received when putting the franchise on hold. He responded that people shouldn’t get too involved with the negative remarks from how Dishonored 2 sold compared to the original. Expanding on the subject, he said that the sales numbers didn’t influenced the choice. Rather that Arcane wants to expand on their projects and wants to play with new ideas while still holding onto what they already made.

With recently releasing Prey: Mooncrash and more to be coming to the game, the studio is already busy with other titles. Even referring to Dishonored designer Ricardo Bare, stating that the studio wants to be more than just “a studio that just makes Dishonored games”.

One interesting chat the two had was when Nintendo was mentioned. Following the question about the publisher’s fascination with the Switch when looking at the line of ports available for the console, what else do they have planned with them? Metro asked Hines about industry crossovers and if there was a chance of seeing one between the two industry giants. Even bringing up the possibility of a Nintendo exclusive Bethesda title.

Hines said that the idea was possible, but it is determined by the studio on what the game might be. Reaching the last question, the outlet asked if the publisher spoke with Nintendo about a collaboration for Super Smash Bros. Where Hines responded with a simple “oh yeah”.

For what we could expect from the studio in Smash is anyone’s guess. With Smash Ultimate approaching in December, it wouldn’t be wise to expect an reveal from Bethesda in the weeks coming. Possibly as DLC in the future, but remember there’s nothing concrete to expand on this we speak hypothetically.

Source: Metro Game Corner

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