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Marvel’s Wolverine game will reportedly release in 2025

Posted on November 19, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Insomniac Games has been developing a new Wolverine game based on the popular Marvel character and it seems like this is their next focus after Spider-Man 2. The Wolverine game was announced in 2021 with the release window unknown and all we have known was that it is in development for PlayStation 5.

Known leaker of PlayStation and Sony news, DanielRPK shared on his Patreon that Marvel’s Wolverine has a release date aimed for 2025. It promises a darker, violet tone, featuring Madripoor and it reportedly will be exclusively available on PS5.

In order to access Daniel saying this you’d have to subscribe to his Patreon, but thanks to Mutant Updates for sharing this news on X (formerly known as Twitter).

It was reported in the past that Marvel’s Wolverine would tackle a “Hard R’ rating.

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