World Update II For Microsoft Flight Simulator Elaborates On The U.S. Territory, Available Now

Posted on November 25, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft Flight Simulator ran its course through many players in a surprising wave of content that pour from the game’s release for the title, developer Asobo Studio is not finished with the game as you might guess. With the game being an expansive entry for the Xbox Game Studios published releases, more content is anticipated to follow the project.

Earlier in September, the French game developer while attending the annual Tokyo Game Show unveiled the first World Update that was instated for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Collected from the title of the client, parts of the game receives an influx of additions in which reflect the real world when taking to the skies. For the sake of the announcement at the show, the update emphasized on Japanese topography and the structures surrounding.

In a new announcement, Asobo Studio announces World Update II which hones in on the United States and the respected landmarks unique to the region. You can view the full list of structures in the list below:


District of Columbia
Las Vegas
New York City
San Diego


KATL Atlanta Airport
KDFW Dallas Airport


Airplane Graveyard, Tuscon
Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Chimney Rock
Devils Tower
El Capitan
Glacier National Park
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
Kennedy Space Center
Mauna Kea Observatories
Mesa Verde National Park
Monument Valley
Mount Rushmore
New River Gorge Bridge
Oil Rigs
Pilgrim Monument
Rainbow Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Yellowstone National Park

For now, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still unique to PC. However, the game is anticipated to hit console in the coming months. According to one recognized Xbox insider, it is relayed the game is hitting commercial systems during the Xbox Series X|S launch window. You can read the full report by heading here.

Which landmark are you most excited to see be welcomed into the game?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now for PC.

Source: Xbox Wire

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