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Writer For John Wick Next Plan Points Towards Just Cause Film

This past Friday marks the official debut of the third John Wick film starring Keanu Reeves as the titular protagonist. Atop of the film barely reaching a week since hitting the box office, news have surfaced on what the movie’s writer Derek Kolstad has planned for his next project in the film industry.

Alongside the announcement of the next John Wick film aimed for Summer 2021 just this Monday, Kolstad will also be working on a film adaptation of Square Enix’s Just Cause franchise. German-based production company Constantin Films revealed that amid acquiring the movie rights for the action open-world title, to have already picked Kolstad to write the script for the upcoming movie as well.

I know, another video game film, but hear this one out: both Kolstad along with Constantin Films already have had some involvement with game-focused media outside of their homed games. The production company has previously pushed out the entire Resident Evil film franchise, ringing in nearly $1.2 Billion in worldwide sales.

As for Derek Kolstad, on top of the current project he is also working on the upcoming Hitman television series for Disney’s Hulu sometime in the coming future. Since the initial report of the TV series, no further detail was provided on where the show currently sits at.

The plot for the forthcoming film will follow closely to the story of the series as Rico Rodriguez will prioritize taking down ‘The Black Hand’, presumably with a lot of explosives and zip lines. Production for the film is planned to start in some point next year.

In the meantime, you can read up on our review for the latest installment in the series, Just Cause 4.

Source: Variety

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