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Xbox App for Windows 10 Updated: February 2015 Features

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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Microsoft confirmed that they would be updating their Windows 10 “Xbox” app on a monthly basis starting with the initial build that shipped with the Windows 10 JTP last month. Now it’s February and another new update has arrived to the app. This time it includes easy options to send feed, navigation improvements and friend suggestions. Let’s take a look!

  • A smiley face has been added to the top navigation bar which allows you send feedback about the app, access app specific forums and rate the app.
  • There’s now suggested friends found under a “Suggestions” header at the top of the ‘Friends List’. The ‘See All’ button allows you to see a list of VIPs on Xbox and people you may already know (People you may know based on the number of your friends who has them added). Also, the search box on the friends list allows you to type and instantly find someone.
  • Some small changes were made to the settings pane, nothing major.

You can update the app using the ‘Store (Beta)’ (the grey-ish store, not the green one). The build is now 2.2.1502.02017. The 1502 representing February 2015 like what’s saw on Xbox One System Updates.

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