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Xbox Fitness for Kinect is closing down.

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Some interesting news has come out today and some fans may not be happy with it. Starting today, Xbox Fitness for Kinect (which has been around since the launch of Xbox One) content will no longer be available for purchase. Existing users of Xbox Fitness, the content you’ve purchased will be available to play for a year, through June 30, 2017.
Come December 15, 2016 they will be removing their “Free with Gold” offer.  Until then, Gold members will still be able to access and play the over 30+ workouts available for streaming as a part of this offer for free.
On July 1st, 2017,  Xbox Fitness will be completely shut down. You won’t be able to download or play it anymore,  content will not be available for play from the Xbox Marketplace nor within the game. Xbox Fitness users will no longer be able access Xbox Fitness and the associated workouts/programs.
There hasn’t been any word on if they will refund the customers who purchased content for this game.
What are your thoughts? Will there be a future for the Kinect when it comes to games?

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