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Xbox Game Pass Is Planned To Come To PC

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in result from the Fy19 Q1 earnings have announced that the company plans to expand the Xbox Game Pass to PC. Since the debut of the stream-based game service, Microsoft has witnessed a great increase in service & software sales, 36% growth in revenue to be exact.

As Game Pass holds more than an hundred titles varying between both first and third party titles, the $10 a month or $60 a year subscription has grabbed a handful of owners on the platform to indulge on the library of games to choose from. With the most recent addition of all future first-party titles to be added to game pass, this gives those who haven’t joined a reason to at least trial for 14 days.

For how we will be able to access the game service through PC, it’s easy to assume that it will be integrated in someway through Windows 10 on the Microsoft Windows Store. Which will pair nicely alongside Xbox Play Anywhere as first-party titles that are purchased on either store will be available to download on the respected account used to purchase the game.

Nadella also didn’t go into detail when players can expect to see Xbox Game Pass, but as we reach to the end of October it’s better to expect this plan to pull through later in 2019. As keyboard & mouse support is also inbound for Microsoft’s console, this would complement the debut of the game service on PC to release around the same time.

Source: Windows Central

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