Xbox Game Pass Receive Amazon Alexa Support To Download Games From The Service

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Given the new standard for unique services and applications on specific devices, it is an oddity to witness the feature arrive to other systems outside of its respected ecosystem. For instance, Apple TV: the entertainment streaming service is only available on the titular devices and other Apple products. But, there is also an app for Apple TV on Xbox as well.

Similarly, Amazon is also operating in a similar manner. Already, the retail conglomerate’s proprietary AI Alexa is available to use through Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot to initiate voice commands. But more recently, an official Alexa application launched for Xbox earlier this March. However, the story does not simply end there.

In a new report from Thurrott, it is told that Alexa can even go the lengths to download games from Xbox Game Pass now as well. Simply commanding “Alexa, download […] from Xbox Game Pass” is now the timeline we live on. You can read the statement issued to the outlet below:

The new feature will work through voice support, so you can say, “Alexa, download (game) from Xbox Game Pass”. With this launch, Xbox Game Pass members can hear about what’s new in the Game Pass library, and download games from any Alexa-enabled device to their Xbox console – so, you’ll be able to download games from essentially anywhere – while running with your Echo Buds, in the car with Echo Auto, in the grocery store with your Echo Frames, and more.

Noted, Amazon devices are the only namely forms for users to issue voice commands to Xbox devices. In the past, many cannot forget Microsoft’s Kinect 2.0. However, production for the device and its adapter were discontinued already as no sign for continue compatibility for the latest Xbox Series X|S are present.

Elsewhere in reference to Amazon, the company this past week welcomed a new feature to its cloud video game streaming platform, Luna. In that, players now have the option to stream supported titles at 720p which will not strain on user flexibility when relying on a datacap. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Thurrott

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