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Xbox Game Studios Rumored To Be Publishing Unannounced “Cloud-native” MMO

Upon understanding just briefly on the coming unique releases from Xbox Game Studios, it is just the surface of what is planned. In plain sight, Xbox fans have titles such as Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. But outside of that inner ring of announced titles, there are other projects that are still well in the depths of obscurity currently. For the sake of Everwild from Rare, details are still rare on the project.

Noted, one report from Video Game Chronicles indicates that the creative direction for the game resulted in a reboot for development to properly encapture the vision of the IP. For the time being, it is suggested that the game will launch sometime in 2024. Additionally, Windows Central in a separate report disclosed information on two titles – Project Indus & Project Cobalt from Oxide Games and InXile Entertainment respectively.

In a new string of information from several nods within the industry, a new cloud-based MMO is underway with Xbox Game Studios funding the project. First referenced from The Xbox Two Podcast where Jez Cordon of Windows Central flags the project to be genuine. You can watch the segment from the podcast in the video below:

By extension of the original report, GamesBeat also corroborates the story by disclosing that the project is in the pipeline at Xbox Game Studios. Alike from the noted podcast, it also tells that Finnish game studio Mainframe is the team helming the supposed property in development. Moving over to the team’s website also implicates its involvement for a project that the two sources mention.

“Mainframe was formed by veteran developers in Helsinki and Reykjavík. We’re creating a cloud-native MMO, a vibrant world with new ways to engage and connect with our friends.” Adding, “It’s the game of a lifetime.” It is worth mentioning that the supposed project is likely involved in the new xCloud first-party initiative from Microsoft.

In a previous report from Polygon, former Valve Kim Swift is to be leading the new division to provide unique experiences for the cloud-streaming platform. At the time, GamesBeat also reported that the alleged Xbox/Kojima collaboration is to be for xCloud. The outlet later disclosed that Hideo Kojima of self-named Kojima Productions signed a letter of intent for the deal.

Recently, Kojima when speaking An-An he disclosed his desire to conjure a new experience similar to Boktai – a project he worked on at Konami. What makes the story significant is that the title released on the Game Boy Advanced and possibly signifies what he might be brainstorming for xCloud is the report is true from GamesBeat. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested in what this project might be from Mainframe?

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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