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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Shows Off ‘Project Scarlett’-Themed CPU For Xbox Series X

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It is no news that 2020 will be the talk of the town regarding this year’s release of the next generation of consoles, at least with the new installments from both Microsoft and Sony. While the year is still young and less than a week old, we do have more intel to discuss about the upcoming Xbox Series X thanks to a new post from the Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Earlier today, Spencer went to Twitter to show off the CPU for the coming Xbox Series X. Alike with 2017’s Xbox One X, this is now the second time we have witnessed the CPU that will be utilized for this year’s newest console. Comparable to the Master Chief riding a literal scorpion which is hidden in every Xbox One X, there is a subliminal Easter egg on the chip alongside showing a cleaner design with more color.

This CPU does that by painting itself bronze to illustrate a similarity to a metallic iteration of scarlet: the color holds a tinge of orange which is evident from the image. You can see that in the picture presented below:

Another characteristic that you can view from the image is that the initial codename ‘Project Scarlett’ is engraved on the CPU. Additionally, you can also pick up the ‘8K’ engraving that was also applied on the adjacent corner of the chip as well. Microsoft did voice previously that this new console will be able to project 8K resolution, so that explains the choice of engraving.

Today was also subjected to another report concerning the Xbox Series X as AMD’s presentation revealed the backside of the upcoming hardware. The 360 degree pan reveals at least two USB-C ports and HDMI ports collectively. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are your thoughts from this new detail for the Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X is scheduled to arrive later in holiday 2020.

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