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Xbox Live Officially Announced For Android And iOS

Discussion of Xbox Live migrating over to other platforms has been on the rise since users first discovered the rumor of an Xbox app possibly in the making for Nintendo Switch. Alongside the possibilities of mobile being added to the mix, it wasn’t too extreme thinking Microsoft would branch off to competing hardware to bridge the differing platforms.

Just recently Microsoft revealed that Xbox Live is in fact heading towards both Android and iOS platforms by making the service more accessible for developers on either system. When deciding to develop a game with the Microsoft-back service, developers will also have features such as Clubs, friend lists, Achievements, Gamerscore, and even settings to implement into their mobile title.

Aware of how open Microsoft has presented themselves to be opening the idea of a connected ecosystem of platforms, this illustrates their plan by linking mobile with flagship console. Sharing that titles enabling Xbox Live will offer Achievements which can be added to your overall Gamerscore divided between mobile platforms and Xbox.

Another announcement from Microsoft is the titular Microsoft Game Stack: which will assist developers creating mobile titles with the company’s arsenal of development tools through each segment of the development cycle. Opening doors for studios towards reaching services under Microsoft such as Xbox Live, Havok, DirectX, and even Mixer.

One feature in particular that will assist mobile developers is Azure PlayFab. Which will offer those creating online-centered titles services like online matchmaking, integrated voice chat, and even assist in developing in-game marketplaces for users to create and sell their own content.

Source: Microsoft

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