Xbox Now Allows Game & System Updates in Energy Saver Mode

Posted on March 11, 2022 by Michael Boccher

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Xbox has announced a number of new green, energy efficient updates, including one a number of players have been asking about for a while now. The new update will let users download both system and game updates while in energy saver mode rather than instant on. This mode consumes twenty (20) times less energy, and is fueling Microsoft’s strive toward lower emissions.

Some of the other changes include Xbox gift cards now made from paperboard rather than plastic and the components that make up the consoles themselves more environmentally friendly. Energy saver mode has been made the default option for new consoles, but current users will still have to manually change it themselves via Settings then Sleep mode & Startup menus. Microsoft also stated that all Xbox products, including consoles and accessories, will be 100% recyclable by the year 2030.

The full information can be found on Xbox Wire.

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