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Xbox One to Window's Phone streaming could be coming soon

Posted on May 29, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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The Microsoft E3 presentation could have just had another surprise revealed early.
One user of r/WindowsPhone may have stumbled across the reveal that Xbox One’s will soon be able to stream straight to Windows’ phones. This reveal came from an app being found in both the Xbox beta and regular Xbox apps. This app allows you to view game information on titles you own and when connected to your console a mysterious button appears saying “Play from console”.
Although the app doesn’t work now, you can still get a bar to appear at the top that says streaming. However after a short while this will fail with an error saying that you can’t do this right now. This rumour is currently pure speculation but when taken in conjunction with the recent announcement that Xbox One controllers will soon be able to be used with the phone it does lend some credence.
Microsoft wouldn’t be the first company to achieve this feat, with Sony allowing buyers of the Xperia phones and tablets to stream PS4 games to the devices and use the DualShock 4 controllers. Nothing is confirmed but E3 is just around the corner so expect an announcement soon.

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