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Xbox One Version For Gears Tactics Revealed

Posted on August 23, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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The whereabouts of E3 2018 announced Gears Tactics has been quite the mystery since the game’s reveal with little updates on the game follow suit. However, that suddenly changed as The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson revealed that the game is planned to release on Xbox One atop of the initially planned PC version.

This comes from question fan @jassem73 on Twitter who asked the studio head about the possibilities of the game coming to Xbox’s main platform, where Fergusson confirms an Xbox One port is also in the works.

This isn’t entirely news as the version for Xbox One sort of already slipped a few months back actually. Back in January, it was discovered through a post from Razer that the upcoming strategic title will receive keyboard support for Xbox One alongside Gears 5 and Minecraft. Razer is the partnered company that has collaborated with Microsoft to introduce first-party support for keyboard & mouse compatibility to Xbox One.

Furgusson also reveals in his response tweet that developer Splash Damage is the team behind the upcoming title. The British team has worked on multiplayer-focused title in the past like Bethesda’s Brink and the matchmaking portion of Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman Arkham Origins.

Following the recent finding, no other detail regarding upcoming news or a specific release window has been shared.

Gears Tactics is coming to PC and Xbox One.

Source: ResetEra


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