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Xbox One VR Game could be coming in 2017

Virtual Reality is one of the biggest buzzes in the gaming world right now. Sony is preparing to release its own headset and there are various others scheduled to release. But what about Microsoft and the Xbox One?
According to a report by Ars one major developer is preparing to release a new virtual reality game on the Xbox One as early as 2017. This information was provided directly to Ars as part of a pre-E3 planning and then confirmed by a PR representative. Although the name of the game or the developer couldn’t be revealed, the website did reveal that it is a well-known European studio and it would be the universe of an established long-running franchise. The game will not be exclusive to the Xbox One however, and a demonstration could be coming at E3 on one of those other platforms.
Although Microsoft has previously been silent on any console-based virtual reality plans saying in 2014, they wanted to see “how the VR space developed” before committing to anything. However with reports stating that a new more powerful Xbox One could be coming in 2017 now would be a perfect time for a foray into the market.
Microsoft also recently partnered with the Oculus Rift to package an Xbox One wireless controller with the first customer release of the Rift headset back in March, further signifying that something big could be on the horizon for the company and VR.

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