Xbox One X is the fastest selling Xbox pre-order, company reveals.

Xbox One X is the fastest selling Xbox pre-order, company reveals.


Microsoft has been hyping up their newest Xbox device since E3 2016 with the Project Scorpio codename. Up until this year’s E3, the company was slowly giving us little intel to hook its fans for more information. June 11th was Project Scorpio’s special day changing to Xbox One X name, getting $499 price tag – which many people were having doubts – a slick design resembling Xbox One S, and the smallest Xbox ever.

Today in a blog post, the company revealed Xbox One X is the fastest selling Xbox console ever. In the first five days, more people pre-ordered the world’s most powerful console than any other Xbox console.

“Within just a few days, we saw record-setting sell-out times and are currently sold out in many countries around the world. Our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever.”

Both Gamestop and MediaMarkt released a statement congratulating Microsoft.

Gamestop – “Microsoft has done it again! The innovation and power behind the new Xbox One X console is driving excitement and demand among our customers worldwide,” said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop. “The speed at which we sold through our initial pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console. This new system is definitely going to change how video games are played!

MediaMarkt – “A great piece of tech with a great onrush. Microsoft’s high-end console hits the hearts and minds of our console fans. We were absolutely astonished with the run on Microsoft`s new flagship console of the Xbox One family. The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was the fastest sold-out Xbox console ever”

Plus, Xbox will be announcing more details of the next wave of Xbox One X pre-orders next month. Stay tuned here to find out more.

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  • Virzio

    Got mine pre ordered 👍

    • Haven’t pre-ordered mine yet but I probably don’t need to. I live in a country where shortage of units is never a problem.

      What game(s) are you looking forward to play in 4K?

      • Virzio

        I really wanted the Scorpio ed, so glad I got mine in. The games I’ll buy for it are AC and Cuphead and I saved the Blood and wine expension for the X.

        • Good choice, i will play Gears 4 and Forza 7 to see the big differences from full HD to 4k ;)

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