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Xbox, PlayStation, And Nintendo Launches Annual Account Review For 2023

Posted on December 14, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Like the year’s before it, 2023 has come with some major hits – and some that are better to be forgotten about. But what differentiates this year from prior is the sheer volume of quality releases that came out of the COVID-19 build up since 2020. At The Game Awards, we witnessed titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 & Alan Wake II be celebrated for pushing the technological boundaries for players. And in a surprise, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 left empty handed this year also.

Additionally, Rectify Gaming also pieced together its own ‘Rectify Gaming Awards’ this year. With a larger ballot roster, categories, and diverse nominees, we encourage readers to explore this past year and decide for yourselves what is the best that the video game industry has offered for 2023. Similarly, all three platform holders also celebrate 2023 profile reviews now live.

On PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment kicked this off on Tuesday, writing: You can access and share your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up experience, which summarizes your achievements for the year, such as top games played, trophies earned, a breakdown of your monthly gaming stats, along with your personalized gaming style.” You can visit the PlayStation ‘2023 Wrap-Up’ by heading here.

That same day, Xbox featured its version of this as well. “Brace yourselves, because the Xbox Year in Review is here, and it’s calling out to you for an epic journey down memory lane. Let’s embark on a quest to relive your gaming exploits, victories and those unforgettable moments that made this year uniquely yours.” You can go to the ‘2023 Xbox Year in Review’ by going here.

Lastly, Nintendo on Wednesday kicked off its spin on it also. “It’s been a wonderful year in games to play! Whether you relaxed with a little fishing or fought your way through hordes of enemies, we hoped you’ve enjoyed playing games on the Nintendo Switch system. […] As the year winds down, we’d like to send a huge thanks to all of you for playing Nintendo Switch. We hope to see you again in 2024!” The Nintendo Year in Review 2023 can be accessed here.

What contributions has you most surprised from your playtime this year?

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