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Xbox Series S gets price increase in Brazil

Posted on October 28, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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When Microsoft released the Xbox Series S in 2020 it was made to be a cheaper option for those who couldn’t afford the Xbox Series X. Yeah the Series S isn’t as powerful or puts out the same quality of the Series X, but it can still handle modern video games. According to a new announcement from Microsoft, the company raised the price of the console in Brazil.

The Xbox Series S in Brazil has increased to R$3,599 from its previous price range of R$2000 and R$2500 at retail stores in the country. In a statement Microsoft sent to The Enemy they only stated the price increase only impacts the Xbox Series S and not the Series X.

“At Xbox, we remain focused on offering the best gaming experience at a variety of price points, so gamers can choose what best fits their gaming needs and budget,” the statement said. “In the coming weeks, we will begin to communicate price adjustments for Xbox Series S consoles in Brazil.”

“The MSRP of the Xbox Series S base SKU will be updated at Brazilian retailers where Xbox Series S consoles are available”, follows the text. “We have maintained our console prices for many years and have now adjusted prices to R$3,599.”

The Enemy also said this change is only applicable to the standard 500 GB Xbox Series S and not the recent 1 TB version that was released during the Summer.

To put this into perspective, the Xbox Series S in Brazil is now the same price as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Source: The Enemy via Klobrille

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