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Xbox Series X New Controller Detailed

Posted on March 16, 2020 by Tyler Nienburg

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Microsoft has dropped a ton of new information regarding the Xbox Series X including its new controller that will be launching with the console. We’ve seen the image of it before from its initial reveal in December, but now we get to know what is new and what that new button is actually for.

Keep in mind that Microsoft is supporting cross-compatibility between Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles and controllers.

Here are some of the new features with this Xbox controller:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Better cross-device connectivity
  • Easier sharing
  • Reduced latency
  • Brand-new D-pad
  • USB-C port

When asked about the reason for a new D-pad this is what Ryan Whitaker had to say:

When looking at the wide range of game genres and personal playstyles today, the D-pad is used in a lot of different ways. That’s why our Elite controllers have swappable D-pads. For some games, having crisp cardinal directions (up, down, left, right) with well-defined edges is what gamers need, and the cross is great for that. Some gamers need to hit accurate diagonals or perform sweep actions, which is where the facetted dish is designed to excel. And, of course, based on personal playstyles, some people just prefer one over the other.

One of the great additions to the new Xbox Series X controller is the USB-C port as we’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

A USB-C port allows gamers to play and charge with a modern cable that’s more readily available.

Sharing is easier than it ever has been with Xbox Series X. The additional third button in the middle of the controller is for sharing. Here is what Ryan had to say on why they added this feature:

“Capturing and sharing epic or meme-worthy moments are part of that experience and should be as quick and unobtrusive as possible. Adding a Share button is the best way to make capturing and sharing instantaneous. It’s easy to just grab a screenshot or record a video without needing on-screen menus. Then you can easily access and share content with your favorite social platforms or directly with friends.”

Just like you can with the Xbox One controller right now you’ll be able to connect this brand new Series X controller to your PC and other devices.

You can read the entire FAQ here

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