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Xbox's party limited could go even higher.

Posted on March 14, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

Listen to this Article:

So Xbox One owners recently got an update that makes the party limit even higher to 16. So now you maybe thinking that they are crazy but it’s made for games like Halo with 16 players for custom games and Warzone teams. Now Mike Ybarra wants to go even higher to help out games like Battlefield.

“I’d love to get that to 64 because that’ll get Battlefield and games like that which do 64 vs. 64…have at it! Now, I don’t want to be in a party of 64, but that’s a different problem! [Laughs]”

On why he’d want it so high:

“I like raising that – especially on the PC where a lot of our gamers use the Xbox app with non-Xbox Live games because you get free party chat,” he says. “So if you’re in World of Warcraft and you have a 20-person raid, we’re seeing a lot of people loading the Xbox app, getting into big parties as their client for how they talk and they go in. I want to raise that number to make sure I’m satisfying the Windows side and their needs as well. I think it’s great that they use the Xbox app with all their games for free services, free parties, free chat, things like that.”

Now that Xbox One will cross play with even more games like Rocket League, Killer Instinct, #IDARB and future games with PC this could benefit very well for the new coming gamers on PC.

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