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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Releasing In 2020

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Gregory Dawes

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During today’s Nintendo Direct, the show was closed with a surprise announcement from Monolith Soft. A full remake of Xenoblade Chronicles will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. The original Xenoblade Chronicles was released for the Wii in 2012 in the West, and was subsequently ported to the New Nintendo 3DS in 2015. While some fans have been clamoring for a port of Xenoblade Chronicles X, it looks like they’ll have to wait for the time being.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been successful on the Nintendo Switch, so it makes sense to bring the original to the console as well. Xenoblade Chronicles follows the story of Shulk, the main protagonist who can wield a powerful sword known as the Monado, as well as having the ability to see visions of the future. For longtime fans of the game, it looks like new content may be making it’s way in as a shot near the end of the trailer hints towards it. For newcomers, this will be a great way to experience this classic title for the first time.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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