You can’t ride the sandworm in Dune Awakening

Posted on March 27, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Dune Awakening by Funcom has not been released yet, but recently at PAX East, the company held a private presentation which Rectify Gaming was invited to. In our early impressions, we mentioned the iconic sandworm from both Dune films will be featured in Dune Awakening, but a question was asked to see if we can actually ride it.

Can you ride the sandworm in Dune Awakening?

If you saw Dune: Part Two and heard about the upcoming Dune Awakening game you might question if you can ride the sandworm. When asked about the idea of riding the sandworm, Funcom said players cannot ride the sandworm, yet.

It seems that when Dune Awakening does release that feature won’t be available yet, but don’t lose hope as this is something the developers are going to work hard in trying to make it a reality.

A release date for Dune Awakening has not been revealed yet.

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