You Will Be Able To Buy New Dance Moves In Destiny With Real Money

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Yes the time has come Destiny will be getting micro-transactions. this paid DLC will be limited to cosmetic items like emotes and sparrow skins.This can come as early as this month, Bungie is planning on giving out quests and missions for free, this will likely involve big drops every few months until the fall of 2016 but could also include trickles of smaller stuff throughout the year. The microtransaction store will open on October 13. The vast majority of MMOs now feature microtransactions in some regard, but the danger for players is when microtransactions enable a “pay-to-win” but what Bungie is doing is different. This will not effect your gameplay, players who don’t spend a cent on the new emotes won’t be at a disadvantage


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