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Your Xbox One can play 20% of the Xbox 360's game library

If you owned an Xbox 360, the launch of the Xbox One three years ago probably made you think long and hard about upgrading because many of the best games for 360 weren’t available to play on the One on a hardware-compatibility level. After Microsoft opened the Backwards Compatibility program to developers at their E3 presentation in 2015, and the full public launch in November of that same year, more games have filled out the BC library, from fan favorites to cult classics. But the number of games for Xbox 360 was massive, and fans, when asked to, gave huge numbers of games they wanted to play on Xbox One. So many games, in fact, that one Redditor by the handle TheKoolestKid11 decided it was worth a count.
In his post on Reddit, he notes that he did the math himself and it checks out, so we’ll take his word for it. By his findings and manual count, users requested 1,722 game titles from the Xbox 360 library be brought via Backwards Compatibility, to Xbox One. Of those, 160 had no chance because they relied on exclusively Xbox 360-compatible hardware like instruments and the Kinect. The remaining number then become 1,562 Xbox 360 titles. As of his writing, and ours, there are 308 games in the Backwards Compatibility roster and that equates to just under 20% of the 1,562 total viable requests. That’s a rather huge milestone, as the program itself has only been around for a year and a half.
He continues to relate the current compatibility trend to the one between the original Xbox and the 360: “Another interesting piece of information is that only 51% of original Xbox games were playable on 360, so if the Xbox One BC team works for another year and a half they could potentially pass that system’s BC rate.” With that in mind, it will be interesting to see how many and which specific games join the list of Backwards Compatible titles for Xbox One in 2017, especially considering that in a year’s time, Xbox will have unveiled the hardware from Project Scorpio that was first teased at E3 this year.
Source: TheKoolestKid11 via Reddit
Via: NeoGAF forums

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