YouTube Playables Go Live For All Users

Posted on May 29, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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While gaming remains to grab attention overshadowing prior pinnacle entertainment markets, there are more firms looking to enter the mix. Platforms such as Facebook has done this with Oculus and even its own gaming platform. Additionally, Netflix is also on the list as well. For a few years now, Netflix Gaming has become normalized alongside its streaming venture at the forefront.

And now, again, Google continues to push for gaming. Despite its misfire that was Stadia, the tech conglomerate continues to pursue new endeavors. We’ve witnessed this with Google Play Games on PC. One report also indicates a new effort via YouTube dubbed ‘Playables’ for users to jump right into gaming. And it did roll out for a brief time via YouTube Premium already.

Now in a new development, YouTube Playables is now available across its platform for all users. Similar to the approach executed by Netflix, it offers a lineup of mobile titles that can be accessed directly through YouTube app. In total, more than 75 titles are live for anyone that jumps into YouTube Playables.

“Noticed anything different on YouTube lately? Over the past few months, a limited number of users in select markets have been testing a new feature called Playables — a collection of free games you can play directly on the platform. You’ll soon start to see them on your YouTube app,” the press release reads. “Choose from 75+ games and jump right in! You can even share the game with friends by tapping the three-dot more menu.”

It adds: “You can also save your game progress and track your all-time best scores. […] Have ideas for how we can make Playables even better? We want to hear from you! You can give us your thoughts through the ‘send feedback’ option while playing by tapping the three-dotted ‘More’ menu. Together, we can keep making YouTube even better.”

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Source: Google

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