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YouTuber Discovers What Might Be ‘Need For Speed Carbon’ Reboot Easter Egg In Battlefield Hardline

Posted on February 19, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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Recently, EA launched the Battlefield Hardline Beta in preparation for the games launch next month. The Beta featured a variety of game modes and maps but also featured a little easter egg which could confirm EA’s plans for Need for Speed 2015. Need for Speed Carbon launched October 31st 2006, almost nine years ago and this recently discovered easter egg by popular YouTuber ‘ThatDrTomGuy‘ shows that EA might be planning a reboot or sequel to this game.

In his video, he explains that one of the leading crews in the game is known as ‘TFK’ and this logo is branded throughout various parts of Carbon to represent this crew. Fast forward to 2015 and Visceral Games is using that same logo on cars found in the Beta for Battlefield Hardline (and obviously the full game). This wasn’t just a simple coincidence and the studio did put this here on purpose. Be it as a flashback to ‘Need for Speed: Carbon’ to see how many would notice, or actually leaving this here as a hint of what’s to come. I think the concept has merit and therefore worth spreading.

Earlier this year during a conference call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that ‘Need for Speed 2015’ was in development and he noted to company investors “it already looks spectacular”. EA skipped launching a new entry to the series in 2014 due to the poor reception of ‘Need for Speed: Rivals’ and in order to give Ghost Games more time to create a Need for Speed experience that fans want and will generate revenue for the company. EA already has confirmed a mobile game launching in the next few weeks known as ‘Need for Speed: No Limits’ launching on mobile devices. EA are expected to announce the upcoming AAA Need for Speed title in the coming months.

A rumour came out at the end of last year saying EA were expected to announce a ‘Need for Speed Underground’ during Geoff Keighley’s ‘The Game Awards’, however, that didn’t come to pass. The rumour only had merit from someone who claimed to be a developer from Ghost Games and knew what the company’s plans are. I wouldn’t rule out that idea either, however this video has more realism and value to it than that rumour. It’ll be interesting to see how many other big gaming sites decide to cover the possibility of a Carbon reboot. While both are possible, to me at this stage a Carbon reboot is taking the lead for which is most likely. Either way, watch the above video. It’s well worth your time.

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