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Zack Snyder Says He’d Want To Adapt Gears Of War Into A Movie, Even Pokes At Working On Halo

Posted on August 24, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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In recent months, director Zack Snyder has been regarded for his current work on the upcoming Netflix release, Rebel Moon. After this work at Warner Bros. and DC Comics, Snyder proceeded towards Netflix and delivered Army of the Dead. Not only that, but Rebel Moon is also on the way. Previously, Snyder shared a Rebel Moon RPG is in development set within the shared universe of his upcoming films.

Additionally, Snyder went on to share at Gamescom that Rebel Moon is to expand its universe within the new game. Confirming that Super Evil Megacorp is behind development of the new game, the title is to also be set after the events of both Part 1: A Child of Fire & Part 2: Scargiver. Snyder has expressed his interest in the video game industry before and is now more involved thanks to his work for Netflix.

Elsewhere when speaking to IGN at Gamescom, Snyder during an interview revealed that he does share interest to work on a Gears of War film. Snyder even discloses a desire to take on Halo too – which is already out on Paramount+.

I mean, you know Gears is always come up y’know sort of in our circle. And I was a fan of the game, so- I mean off the top of my head, that one. I’ve always interested in Halo franchise so that was always something that I’d always- I mean, they’ve of course kinda made that, but it’s something I always thought would be incredible.

Snyder also in the interview does expand further on the Rebel Moon game. “Well one thing I can say about it is the guys over there have been incredibly reverent and faithful to the source material and they’ve been incredibly inclusive and really want to talk with me constantly about mythology and about the canon and about the world so I would say that- as a game it will really expand the mythology of the universe; even though its definitely- sort of add on to the universe i sort of didn’t expect, it was a cool place where we thought to explore other things that are happening in the Rebel Moon universe.”

Entertaining how plausible it is for Snyder to take on a Gears of War movie is certainly hypothetical, but, it there is potential to suspicions after this encounter. Currently, the Gears of War movie that is underway is through Netflix – like Rebel Moon already. So far, there is no director attached. To add to the chances, the most interested actor to portray Marcus Fenix is Dave Bautista – who worked on Army of the Dead with Snyder at Netflix. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you think Snyder would work well directing a Gears of War movie?

Source: IGN

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