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About Us


Tyler Nienburg  “Tyboy17”  

Rectify Gaming Owner

Hey guys i’m Tyler “Tyboy” Nienburg and i released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th 2013. I make very random Wonka picture on twitter and they are very awesome. I’ve been gaming for 10+ years of my life and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once i touched Halo i was never the same. My Xbox GT is Tyboy17 and you can contact at Tyler@Rectifygaming.com if you have any questions and such.  



Darth “Lord” Quackers

Community Manager

Hello, my name is Darth Quackers. I forge on halo, draw, write (including book writing), and decent on the guitar. I started gaming first with Halo 2 and being absolutely terrible at it. After that I went to the Wii era, then I discovered the Xbox 360. with Halo reach and 4. I got into forging and got featured by RoosterTeeth and Ducain23. Now playing on Xbox one and a little bit of Wii U.





Scott “Shade” Anderson

Scott always had this grand dream of being a stand-up comedian … until he was about 9 years old. Then he wanted to be an astronaut … until he turned 13 and realized he wasn’t as smart as he had hoped. Now he wants to be a professional broadcast journalist. The jury is still out on that one.

As of now he is an out-of-shape father of two trying to find any extra time he has to keep up with his hobby of gaming, which he has been doing since he was about 4 years old and first introduced to The Legend of Zelda.

His tastes in gaming lean more towards RPGs, action/adventure type games and anything with a good story. He thinks that the PS Vita is one of the greatest inventions that nobody seems to care much about but will die defending its awesomeness.

PSN/GT:    Shade846







Hey I’m Chris (Shark). I am a Twitch streamer under the gamer tag of VeNgNc3- on PSN. I mostly play FPS but can game anywhere between Minecraft GTA and CoD. I know where Ty lives. DM me for the deetz


Daniel Hartshorn


My names Daniel I’ve been gaming since the early 90s where I grew up playing Sega Consoles. Currently a multiplatform gamer but still go back to my roots and enjoy retro gaming on my classic consoles





As a writer, Philip enjoys telling a story worth reading. As a gamer, he enjoys hearing a good story then diverting sharply to the left and making his own path. A long-time Nintendo fan, PC gaming has adopted him and he enjoys racing and FPS-RPG-style games. His tag on almost all things digital is TheNexusGen, and you’ll likely see him online far too often.



Gregory Dawes  “Wifiplayer13”  

Head of Nintendo Division & Vice President of Rectify Gaming

Hey! My name is Gregory Dawes, or also known as Wifiplayer13 on almost every social media and gaming platform. I began to truly get into gaming back in the Nintendo 64 days with games like Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and of course Super Smash Bros. Over the years, my love and passion of gaming increased and I expanded the horizons into other consoles, most notably the Xbox, where my love for Halo was born. Halo is my favorite game franchise out there, not only for the game, but for the amazing community it has. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or XBL whenever!


Tyler Thomas   “TwiztedShotzTV”  

Podcast Host 

My name is Tyler Thomas. You can find me on XBL and ALL social media by my gamer tag TwiztedShotzTV,  I am a moderator on RectifyGaming.com. I have been playing competitive FPS since 2001 Was first introduced into the gaming world when I was 7 (NES) Mario was fun but The Legend Of ZELDA was where it was at back then. Me in a nutshell (HALO HALO HALO) I’m not a fan boy in the sense that all other games suck. I just know where TRUE Halo started and how it impacted the online community that we know and love to this day.




I have been playing video games for 20 years now and I have a lot of good info to shear on all sorts of games. I enjoy racing games shooters sand box games and RPG and even MMO games.

I love to make people laugh when I stream and I also laugh at all the dumb things I do in games even when I mess up. I am also very competitive as well.



Youtube Producer

i’m 31 i’ve been playing video games since i was 10. I’ve been playing competitive since halo 2. I own Sovereign eSports and I’m a youtube content creator. Outside of that I’m just a dude who enjoys video games.


Sergio Cazares


Khris Golder


Khris spends his days writing, gaming, and coding. Cheat coding. The only C+ he ever had was in gym class. Claims to gaming fame as follows: he beat Resident Evil 1 on PS1 without saving or using a walkthrough (on his first try). He can shred Jordan and Through the Fires in Flames on Expert (and on Hard with Lefty Flip). Check out his trophies and Gamerscore. Username: jskellington182


Content Producer
My name is Mike, call me Mike for short. People know me as MrTerdFergason. Im a casual gamer, I’ll play anything you put in front of me. I pretty much enjoy making people laugh and doing lets plays. Ill 360 no scope you on guitar hero 3 kid

 Hey, I’m Mykola, or more know as Koala/Kolala. Love all games, but very much into Halo and Destiny. I’m a small, but growing streamer, just trying to have fun killings mans with people. You can find me over at several places. Twitter: twitter.com/koalagaming Twitch: YouTube:




Content Producer

Hello everyone, my name is Ward, and I write articles that covers news on Halo, Destiny, and occasionally other games for a website called Rectify Gaming.  I not only cover news with articles, but I also cover them through content of videos on Youtube.  I have not been active on my channel recently due to being distracted with work, college, and other things that keeps all of us busy on daily basis.  When I’m free, I should hopefully have plenty of time to focus on creating content on Youtube, and I will have a link to my channel below this biography if you want to check it out and show your support by subscribing.  On the other hand, I also stream on Twitch, which I’ll have a link at the bottom as well.  To find out when I stream, be sure to follow me at @HaloDestinyNews (link below), and hopefully we’ll have tons of fun.




Hey guys, I’m Bobby. I live in Texas, have an awesome wife and kid, and I love video games. Addict to all things Bioware, Destiny, Clash of Clans, and several others. I’ve been playing games since I was a kid, starting with the good old Super Nintendo, and I haven’t put the controller down ever since. From Super Mario to Mass Effect and Halo, games are and have always been a huge part of who I am, and I love to share that passion through writing.



Yo, name’s Tyler Winter, but round these parts I’m known as Draenen. I’ve been playing competitive for a few  years now,  I attended my first ffa Lan and won it in 2009. Since then I’ve played a plethora of competitive in Halo and Cod, hitting top 16 in over 2 dozen Lans.  But now i stream casually and live for the community! I play pc, xbox, and Playstation!

Hey all Chris Palmquist here. Aka Crispy. I have been gaming for about 20 years starting back on the NES. Currently I own a PS3/4 and my Gaming/Streaming PC. I really got into gaming playing FF7 for Playstation. Then in to Diablo and Half-life when I got my first computer. As of last year I started to get into Streaming. So I built my new computer and here we sit. Feel free to contact me on :

PSN:    rc_crispy

Twitter:   twitter.com/crispyrcer

Twitch:   twitch.tv/rccrispy

Youtube:  Coming Soon



Content Producer/ Tourney Manager 


I am Temporal Enigma, world renowned Rock-Star, Forge, Rocket Scientist, Ladies Man, and best of all, my Mommy thinks I’m cool. I like video games and I make videos at Youtube.com/thepolkadotsquad. I am also a content creator here and plan on bringing you great content and interesting articles. I tend to put my satire into my articles in order to spice things up.
As you can tell my name’s already above this, I’ve been a part of the Rectify Crew since early 2014. I’m a completionist when it comes to gaming, unlocking achievements is one of my favorite pass times when i’m online. Gaming was always something I’ve enjoyed since I was young, no matter the genre or age of the game, I still enjoy the effort into it put into it. TheDUALBLAD3 on Youtube, @Nick_Mhm on Twitter and DUAL BLAD3 on Xbox Live. Follow/add me, it’s your choice.
Hello everyone! My name is Myles but you can call me ExstroGames. Since I was a toddler I have been a huge gamer. My first console was an Xbox original and I have loved it ever since. It all started when my dad got halo 2 on that beautiful machine. I remember playing the campaign over and over again. I love how video games can make unbelievable worlds and immerse you in a way no other thing can. I love spending hours playing and learning new things about video games. I also like writing stuff about video games weither its a poem or a review. You can follow me on twitter to see all the things I like https://twitter.com/ExstroGames  but you can usually find me roaming the Xbox live wilderness
 The name is Jacob, more known as TalkverseGaming and I am a Gamer to the heart. Have been playing video games since I was 3, Crash Bandicoot was my first ever game. I mainly play Halo, which is what my YT channel is based off, and is also the game I’ll mainly cover when writing for RectifyGaming. However I will also try to cater to Xbox fans and write for all their games when possible.
 Level 15, Proud Aussie Youtube:

My name is Michael William Boccher. I am an independent games journalists specializing in Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo News. I am Editor and Chief of 1080players.com where we cover all the news regarding AAA console games daily. Also, I host the 1080Players radio show on Boost Radio Network, which is currently the ONLY show on radio dedicated to the coverage of all AAA Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo news, reviews and interviews. We air every Tuesday from 7-8 pm Easter Time and bring you quality reports on all AAA console games and their manufacturers. “YOU GAME IT, WE GOT IT!”  
22. Lover of Pizza & video games. I write about PlayStation/Sony

What’s going on guys (or gals). My name is Michael Wright and I’ve been a gamer all my life. Grew up playing classic games like The Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, and of course Mario. As I got older I started an unhealthy obsession with the Halo franchise. I’m now currently addicted to PC and streaming. I’ve worked with the Rectify Crew in the past during the Titanfall Beta era, but my partner in crime Scott and I went our separate paths with them to create BurninTurtles. A YouTube channel based around just having fun. You can find me on Xbox, Twitter, and Twitch as “TheFa1seShepard”
I’m Adam Ferrero, and I grew up on PC gaming. I remember spending hours watching over my Dad’s shoulder as he played Wing Commander and Wolfenstein, and eventually playing Doom, Heretic, Command & Conquer, Wasteland, and many more throughout my childhood. I spend my days now as a Systems Administrator to support my hobby, building my own gaming PCs and staying up until 3 in the morning playing through Mass Effect yet again.

Streamer/Video Producer
Hey my names Josh, follow me on Twitter. 
Hi! I’m Nichole, aka Dark Dragon. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. I’ve been playing video games nearly all my life! I love Bethesda games and RPGs/JRPGs, but I play a little of everything! I’m also a big fan of indie games and game development. Other than gaming I enjoy nerdcore rap, writing fiction, and binge watching TV shows.

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